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Answer Anne Forget

Post  Sergiog on Sat Oct 18, 2008 2:50 am

Hello again,

As you know, I answer the mail of Anne Forget about the delegates' election showing my disagreement with the "debats francophones". Today she came to me because she wanted to talk about that. The problem is that in this kind of meeting we are only considered as "special guests", cause is an event concerning all the masters of ISAE and some professionals of the aeronautical sector are also invited (so sometimes it doesn't match with an English environment). After the election of the delegate I think that this topic is no more important.

I told her that even if we are supposed to learn French (only for a matter of culture's sharing) we have the right to develop our careers in a fully English environment, but she assured me that it will continue like that (despite of course the English spoken majors availability). If you have any additional problem around this aspect please let me know.


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